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Life with Bacon

Starting Life Anew is like Frying Bacon. Right?

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8 March
I'm 47 years old, and I have had a 'Domestic Partner' of more than 17 years now... we had a marriage ceremony in 2008 and haven't felt the need to do it a second time now that it's legal in Washington... but we will. Eventually. *yawn*

My Hubby and I live with three cats, a dog, and a passel of chickens. Two of the cats are sisters, black tuxedo cats, who are about 13 years old now. One is only 3 now, and is an orange male. The dog is about 2 years old now, and tho we were told he was a chihuahua, he's HALF chihuahua... and half something else. We're dying to know. When there's money, we will do a 'who's your daddy' DNA test! The chickens are mostly raised for eggs, tho we eat the young roosters because you don't need so many of those. We hatch some, buy/sell/trade some, and we are breeding mostly for pure breeds with just a few exceptions (Spotty, the Speckled Sussex is a purebred, but her chicks are destined to be half-breeds, as she is the only one we have!) I have blue-ribbon winning French Black Copper Marans and Easter Eggers- which, when bred together create an "Olive Egger"! Amusing, and in demand.

Sometimes I think it would be GRAND fun to also have a website that had live webcams so folks could watch the hysterical chickens, because not much is funnier than chickens. I'm just sayin'.

Okay, yeah, I am still Disabled... I have three specialists working on me at the moment, which means we have to make about two-three trips to Wenatchee, Wa, or Seattle, Wa, every month. That kind of SUCKS. Especially when my Stamina is so low we usually have to stay overnight. UGH.

But balance that out with the fact that there is an itty bitty Waterpark in Chelan, Wa (right between us and Wenatchee/Seattle!) Which has a VERY low key 'Lazy River' and a BIG Hot Tub... it's called "Slidewaters" and we have yearly passes... *waggles brows* so sometimes those trips aren't quite AS sucky...

I used to brag about 'working to get stronger every day'... but in the past year or so, it seems I am getting worse. That caused me to stop blogging altogether for a while, and I need to change that. Hopefully, humans still use and read Livejournal, because I MISS it. I still /have/ goals, and things I work twords- It's just time to admit I won't ever really fully recover. I need to protect what I have left, and work to make that better instead.

Look, I added some 'tickers' to help me visualize my goals! You can watch along with me, if you like!

I need to drop 50+ lbs:

How many chicks have we raised? Maybe we can reach one for every day of a year?

FUN Stuff:

How many trips to the Water Park can I get in this Season? (every day would be more than 130 days, since it's open Memorial Day to Labor Day... so... Lets aim for 50!!)

How long until the next Wedding Anniversary?

Yeah, so that is all a little silly... so? What makes YOU happy? What are YOUR Goals? I know mine, tell me about yours!!

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